CASC had X 4 swimmers selected for this team event; Louis Mitchell, Caleb Obrien, David Gillespie and Archie Evans. They had an early start  on Sunday 8th Oct as they were collected by a coach along with the other team swimmers from the other County Clubs, X1 Rushden, X1 Daventry, X2 Wellingborough and the rest were from Northampton.
The Championships comprised of 1 team from each of the 39 English counties and Welsh/Scottish regions.  Northamptonshire is the 2nd smallest county in the country. The event was held at Sheffield Ponds Forge, where the pool was split into 2  25m pools and the teams into 2 divisions.  The events each had 2 heats in each of the divisions and were swam concurrently. We were in division 2 ,however the team performed amazingly and had some fantastic swims bringing us in at 2nd place. This means that we will next year be in Division 1.
Well done to our Boys who helped the County achieve such a great success.
LT to Rt
Louis, Archie, Caleb and David