CASC held their 4th Long Course 50m Open Meet which was attended by 15 clubs from all over the Country at East Midland International Pool Corby. We offered a variety of swim events which proved highly popular as it was over subscribed. CASC had over 70 swimmers in attendance winning¬† 34 Golds, 20 silvers and 15 bronze medal. Some swimmers gained further and new Regional Times with some amazing PB’S also.

The whole event was extremely busy and rang smoothly with an amazing atmosphere, these events truly are a team event and all parents helped to support it by assisting in a variety of roles.

The local Mayor of Corby Mohammed Rahman visited poolside and took the opportunity to meet some of the swimmers and officials. He spoke to the CASC team swimmers about the competition and chatted with the coaches about the success of CASC over the last few years. The Mayor had photo opportunities with Club President Howard Wilkinson, CASC Chairperson Jo Kendall, NASA President Gerald Battams and Long Life member/ASA President Brian Collis.

Head coach Tim Evans stated that ‘Swimmers and Parents at CASC really work hard to put together these events on and it is really an honour to be part of it. This is a members club run by members! The successes and hard work is shared amongst us all’

Check out the photos below (click for larger version)