To maximise potential and enjoyment for all our swimmers, Corby Amateur Swimming Club operates a squad system that puts swimmers in groups with others of similar standard, commitment and goals.

The Corby Swimming Academy takes children who have learned to swim under the ASA’s Learn to Swim frame-work and have typically reached Level 7, although we will consider children who have not yet reached this stage, if they have been identified as having above average ability.

Our Junior Performance Squad is aimed at young swimmers with the potential and desire to swim fast. The level of training is a step up from the Academy and requires increased commitment from the squad members.

Our Performance Squads are for our elite swimmers, who have been identified as having potential to reach the highest level in the sport. The training in the Performance Squads is tough and a huge amount of self- discipline and commitment is needed, especially when you have to get up before dawn to go to early-morning training!

Corby’s Competitive Squad is for our competitive swimmers who are unable to commit (for whatever reason) to the strict disciplines and training times of the Performance Squad. The Competitive Squad is still a highly motivated squad, but the training is less intensive and is often easier to fit around school and other commitments.

Our active Masters Squad caters for those who want to stay fit for Masters events, triathlons, Open Water events, or just for their own fitness.

Corby Amateur Swimming Club is an inclusive club and we welcome applications for membership from swimmers of any age and any ability. We also welcome applications from all levels of para-swimmers irrespective of disability